Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dreamweaver Site Definition

With your server technology now up and running, you might decide to use Dreamweaver to manage the WEB SITE.

In Dreamweaver, Select SITE MANAGE SITES

New Site

follow the wizzard.

Then, when finished, press the Export Button to save the site definition to a file (.STE).
I would suggest saving this file to your pen drive.
Then when you come into class the next day, you can select IMPORT and selct the .STE file you saved previously.

This will save you about 5 minutes in every class.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coldfusion Part 2

Once you've completed setting up coldfusion you need to start testing your code. Here's how:

is the same as

In D01, by default this is mapped to

you will have a folder in here

to run a file in it use

Cold Fusion

In D01 you need to setup Coldfustion properly everytime you login.
This is for your own good.


This overwrites passwords etc back to original install settings.

To run Coldfusion:
Start Programs Macromedia ColdFusion7 Admin

Admin Password is "CFUSION" (all uppercase)
Data Source passwword is blank i.e. no password.

You can get away without doing the above procedure but if someone has been using Coldfusion on the machine before you, you will be at their mercy!