Friday, October 19, 2007

Prototype 1 - Additions

the market wheel

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


1) Each team should review their work.

2) Make sure you are up to date as per previous post.

3) Save a copy of your prototype1 call it prototype 2 and modify until the next deliverable. Add new references that you find, any additional screen dumps.

4) All screens in your initial design layout should have numbers.
Examine each screen layout and add more detail. Do a walk through the system and see if your screens still make sense. Do all the menu options still make sense.

5) If you need any specific help email me and I will arrange to meet you.



As you can see from the new timetable issued last week, I am taking over the hours originally timetabled with Lorraine Galvin. I've been sitting on my own this morning. Where are you?

Prototype 1 - Results

Hi all,
thanks to everytime that submitted the prototype 1 properly and on time. I only received 3 emails as requested. That means if you're not listed below, you didn't submit correctly!

Folks everybody needs to get organised. At this stage you should all have a PROJECT website, where you store ALL the project meeting minutes and ALL documentation. When you submit work you do so by sending the link to correct document. Please take not for future submissions.



Thursday, October 04, 2007

Protoype 1 - What's expected

You should have a mood board created in POWERPOINT with comments and bibliography.
This should help in creating the detailed screen drawings(also in POWERPOINT)
A list of all the tables and fields required to supply the data for those screens.
Everything in electronic format - (if you use sketches and hand drawings, scan them in)

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